A La Carte Covers - 7x9, B6, & Weeks options

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Choose from 6 covers. 

Covers are laminated in a heavy duty lamination and are double sided.

Choose from Punched or Unpunched.

Personalization is for the Rainbow cover only

All covers are punched for coil planners and are removable.

Listing is for 1 planner cover in the size selected.


7x9 covers do not fit the A5W  Penny Pages planners.

B6 covers fit Print Pressions B6 planners.


Each planner is handmade, printed, cut by hand, and laminated in-house.

Not a mass manufactured product.

Copyright © 2020-2021 by Amanda Baldwin, owner, Avalon and Ninth. All rights reserved. No duplication, alteration, reproduction, photocopying, or transmission of any kind of design or artwork is allowed.


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