Blackout Functionals // Set 2 // BLACKOUT106-110

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Blackout functional stickers for your blackout planners. Stickers are fully black with white lines or stitching.

Choose the sheet you want or buy the bundle.

BLACKOUT106 - 3-Spot Checklist

BLACKOUT107 - Notebook Page

BLACKOUT108 - Sidebar Tracker

BLACKOUT109 - Paper Tears

BLACKOUT110 - Doodle Circles

Stickers are 1" - 1.5" wide and with varying height. Paper tears come in a wide variety of sizes and some exceed the standard 1.5 inch wide sizing.

Each sheet measures ~4.75 x 7.5 and comes with the stickers depicted in the pictures. 


Printed on our buttery smooth premium paper.


*Due to individual monitor settings, colors may vary*