Undated and Unpunched B6 Planner Inserts // Choose Tabs or No Tabs

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The A&N B6 planner was designed for the functional planner and sticker lover.

Designed and printed on 80# text paper.

These are not punched. You are responsible for punching these inserts to fit your planner/rings/discs.

Each planner contains:

12 undated monthly spreads.

60 weeks on 3-pages with one dot grid page on the 4th page. 5 weeks come after each month.

Note pages before and after each month section.

Choose between No Tabs, Rainbow, or Black laminated tab dividers. Scroll to 3rd and 4th photo to see dividers.

Rainbow dividers come with 12 colors.


Each planner measures ~7x5.5.

Boxes in the week area measures 1.5" and each line is .25" in height.


Each planner is handmade, printed, cut by hand, and laminated in-house. Not a mass manufactured product.

Copyright © 2022 by Amanda Baldwin, owner, Avalon and Ninth. All rights reserved. No duplication, alteration, reproduction, photocopying, or transmission of any kind of design or artwork is allowed.