Seven years ago, I turned my need for a creative outlet into a full fledged creative obsession-- Avalon & Ninth.

As a *busy* wife and mom of 4, planning has always been the sweet spot between functional and fun for me. And as a true child of the 80s and 90s, when I realized that I could use stickers in my planning? I was all over it. It wasn't long before I started making custom sticker kits to meet my needs.

So armed with a craft cutting machine I bought on Amazon and a printer, I started designing.

Now, Avalon & Ninth has grown from a hobby to a thriving family business offering high quality, color saturated stickers, planners, and more.

What keeps customers coming back?

We offer the highest quality paper and ink possible, and each one of our products is created with YOU in mind. We know you're juggling a full plate of responsibilities, but we also know how important it is to find time for creativity. We create products that help you do both.


It's a family affair!

Steve is our resident cheerleader, planner maker, and lifter of the heavy things! You can always find him hyping up all the stickers and giving ideas for new things!