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Rainbow Personalized - 7x9 Academic Planner

Rainbow Personalized - 7x9 Academic Planner

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The A&N 7X9 planner was designed for the functional planner and sticker lover.  


Printed on 80# text paper

1/4" extension laminated tabs

Black metal coil or clear discs

Measures (without cover) 8.75 x 7 (7.25 with tab extension)

Boxes in the week area measures 1.5" and each line is .25" in height.


12 undated monthly spreads.

60 weeks on 2 pages. 5 weeks come after each month.

Note pages before and after each month section.

Tab monthly labels





Covers are laminated in a heavy duty lamination and are double sided.

Coiled covers are removable and have 35 holes.

Disc covers have 9 holes.


Each planner is handmade, printed, cut by hand, and laminated in-house.

Not a mass manufactured product.

Copyright © 2020-2023 by Amanda Baldwin, owner, Avalon and Ninth, LLC. All rights reserved. No duplication, alteration, reproduction, photocopying, or transmission of any kind of design or artwork is allowed.

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